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Take a step into authentic farm life and witness the natural beauty of our region. Breathe the awesome air of the Taurus Mountains and enjoy freedom among the ruins of ancient cities. Meet our horses and add another one to your memorable memories along with your solo tours.

• Suitable training and track areas for both novice and advanced riders
• Excursions on the beach and on horse in the woods
• Equestrian activities are held all year round
• All riding training and horse-riding trips are charged

The hotel Oranj Ranch features horses of different breeds for equestrian enthusiasts. Housing nearly 15 noble and trained Arab and European horses, the facility offers many options from novice riders to experienced riders.

1500 square meters manege area, 1 Saddle Room, 2 to 5 horse section staff are served.

Our trainers offer special riding lessons for novice riders and jump and dressage lessons for those who want to improve their skills.

Fast-food and drinks will be included in our 4-hour tour.


On the beach or in the forest, you can take part in horse-drawn sightseeing tours from 1 hour to 4 hours and experience memorable moments full of adventure.

1 Hour Jungle Tour

A stroll to the old mine and the ruins from ancient times. Take a break on the hill so you can watch and photograph the coastal views from Tekirova to Antalya.

2 Hour Twin Hills Trip

After a 1-hour drive in the direction of Twin Peaks, we stop in the woods just behind Twin Peaks. We drive past Twin Peaks and through the village and back to the hotel.

3 Hour Jungle Tour

In this tour, which is made of four horseshoes with sea views, the villagers will take a swimming break in the garden irrigation pool and spring water from the mountain. Return to the hotel from Yörük Halil's place.

4 Hour Beach Tour

For experienced riders, a trip to Alacasu, the Hidden Bay of the coast of Çamyuva, includes swimming in the sea with horses and an optional trip to the ancient church.